How do frugal fulltimers keep their rigs warm

  Discussions between future and new fulltimers often revolve around how-much-does-it-cost. And, of course, that’s all relative to your personal lifestyle, necessities of life, how much you already have, and what excesses are a vital part of your lifestyle.  In the end it comes down to how well you control your expenses without sacrificing too much, such as the question of... Read More

Results of 6-year rubber roof coating experiment

  By Russ and Tiña De Maris To hear RV manufacturers talk, EPDM rubber roofs are the greatest thing since sliced bread. Problem is, even sliced bread eventually gets stale. After a few years in the elements, rubber roofs take the hit of weathering and exposure to UV radiation. From personal experience we can say that a non-maintained rubber roof... Read More

Screen door modification opens up wider views

  Retired or not, an engineer just cannot leave well enough alone. Here Greg describes (during a rare no-project-in-the-works moment) how he fixed an (admittedly) minor irritant in his motorhome’s screen door.    By Greg Illes My standard screen door was built in three sections — the same as most other screen doors. Top and bottom were screened, and the center... Read More

The three evil musketeers – rot, mold and mildew

Don’t wait for your annual inspection (you do have an annual inspection of your RV, don’t you?) to search for leaks or to do something about the ones you know you already have. Ask any RVer that has ever had to deal with rot, mold, or mildew and they will likely regale you with nightmare accounts of serious downtime and scary repair bills.... Read More