Talk to an agent that speaks “RV” for your full timing insurance

    When you move to full timing, you might assume your homeowner’s insurance will cover your RV adequately. But rather than making that assumption when you take the plunge, it would be prudent to talk to an insurance agent or company that speaks “RV” to make sure all aspects of your new full time RV lifestyle are covered.     Sticks and bricks... Read More

What do full timers do with seasonal clothing they don’t need?

  One thing you notice when you transition into fulltiming is that you have a lot of seasonal clothes. What do you do with all those heavy sweatshirts, jackets, under layers, and waterproof boots in the summer when it’s T-shirt and shorts weather and all that stuff is in the way and taking up storage space?   Much depends on your... Read More

A senior woman traveling solo full time is NOT a foolish fantasy

  By Bob Difley If you are a single woman among the older crowd, maybe retired, or widowed, and your kids have long ago moved out, grandkids scattered, and you’ve considered buying an RV and heading out into the horizon to try traveling – and actually living full time – in a recreation vehicle for a while, then quickly rejected... Read More