Acts of Service an easy entry into volunteering


Now that you’re a fulltime RVer, do you find you have some excess hours in a week or month? Where maybe before you kicked back a bit and worked fewer hours, and having excess hours when you had nothing important or necessary to do to fill those hours was just a fantasy? And now you find that you’re getting a bit bored sitting in your camp chair, watching TV, or mindlessly texting and reading news feeds?

Maybe you are at that moment in your RV lifestyle when you’ve been thinking about possibly volunteering, giving back, because of your good fortune to have been able to live fulltime (or nearly so) in your RV?

A website called Acts of Service, in conjunction with Lippert Components (the RV industry component supplier), has now made it easier to find volunteer and community outreach opportunities that may appeal to you, that you might find fun and fulfilling, meet new interesting people, and where you could make use of the many skills you have collected over a lifetime.

They are currently offering their service in the Elkhart, Indiana (the heart of RV manufacturing) and surrounding areas but hope to move nationally as they build up their list of non-profit and community service partners.

Learn more and find volunteer opportunities in your area simply by entering your zip code on the Acts of Service website.

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One Thought to “Acts of Service an easy entry into volunteering”

  1. Wanda kearney

    We work with a group organized by the Methodist church called NOMADS Projects all over the USA. Community help, children’s homes, camps, disaster areas. Set up for retired folks w a RV. Don’t have to be a Methodist to join but is a Christian organization. Very flexible schedules…you choose where and when you can help. Location you are helping provides RV parking for volunteers. Meet people from all over US with same goals in help others.

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