Controlling these three expenses makes fulltiming more affordable

  By Bob Difley One of the great advantages of RVing is that you can change three of your largest expense categories to adjust to the changing economy or the fluctuation of your personal finances. The three biggest expenses for full-time or near-full-time RVers: fuel, campgrounds, and eating out.  To save on the fuel expense, drive fewer miles between campgrounds, stay... Read More

Talk to an agent that “speaks RV” for your full-timing insurance

By Russ and Tiña De Maris When you move to full-timing, you might assume your homeowner’s insurance will cover your RV adequately. But rather than making that assumption when you take the plunge, it would be prudent to talk to an insurance agent or company that “speaks RV” to make sure all aspects of your new full-time RV lifestyle are covered.   Sticks-and-bricks insurance... Read More