Elks Lodges provide economical nationwide camping

Many weekender RVers have their favorite places to visit and go back to the same campgrounds often, but as a FullTimer, you’re likely on the go a lot and always in search of new places to camp. But did you know you can stay overnight at Elks Lodge RV parks around the country – and for as little as $5 a night for a no-hook-up spot? An annual membership in Elks costs $50 to $200 and entitles you to stay at approximately 1,000 Elks Lodges throughout the country, and it’s OK to join just for the RV campgrounds. Sometimes it’s dry camping, but other times it can be partial or full-hookups. In this short video, Elks member Jim O’Briant of OvernightRVParking explains how Elks camping works and how easy and inexpensive it is to join. Search for an Elks RV Park.

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One Thought to “Elks Lodges provide economical nationwide camping”

  1. Chuck

    I’ve notice the local Elks lodge has 2 hookups and they are seldom used.. Often wondered about the requirements. Thanks for the video.

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