FMCA changes name, allows towables


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By Bob Difley

“The Family Motor Coach Association’s (FMCA) iconic monthly magazine — Family Motor Coaching — will have a new name and page design when the May issue hits the stands,” reports

And that’s not all since FMCA decided late last year in a member referendum to allow trailer and fiver owners to join. FMCA isn’t really changing its name – just emphasizing the acronym versus spelling it out. The magazine name is changing, though, and will now be known as Family RVing.

“Family RVing’s content will change to incorporate towable RVs in the new format. In fact, Family Motor Coaching’s February cover,” Pamela Kay, FMCA director of communications, told, “contained a photo of a Class A motorhome and fifth-wheel trailer. Family RVing will continue to be more about people than equipment,” she said.

In the membership referendum that ended in November, FMCA members opted to allow towable owners to join the organization by a vote of 6,820 to 2,981. Although only about 13 percent of FMCA’s approximately 74,000 members voted, “It’s like an election,” Kay said. ”Those who didn’t vote were saying that they didn’t feel strongly one way or the other.” Since the November vote, FMCA has approved more than 600 towable owners for membership.

The first opportunity they will have to attend an FMCA event as members will be at its 97th International Convention and RV Expo March 15-18 at the Georgia National Fairgrounds & Agricenter in Perry, Ga. Overall preregistration for the event, Kay reported, is the best since 2011.

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8 Thoughts to “FMCA changes name, allows towables”

  1. Rick

    I have been a FMCA member for several years. I did not vote either way because the voting procedures required tearing a page from a book, mark a spot then mail. I don’t understand why they required such crazy procedure. Simply logging into your FMCA web site would saved time. By the way I would have voted for towable.

  2. Jim Ronk

    My comment on this change is in the form of a question. Why are you against this change (if you are) ? I have owned a motorhome for the last 15+ years. I met a lot of great folks at FMCA activities. I recently changed to a Fifth Wheel. Am I a different person now? Can I expect to be treated differently now by the MH friends I have? Would someone who voted against this or disagrees on allowing towables please explain why you feel that way. And I will be in Perry in March. If my 42ft Fifth Wheel offends you, please tell me before I unhook and park beside you. All organizations suffer from attrition and must alter their operations to continue.
    Thanks for listening and I look forward to your comments.

    1. -brent

      Nice, appreciate your experience and attitude!

  3. Captn John

    FMCA only needs the money of towable owners. Not every chapter will welcome or permit towable members. I belonged when we owned the class A and still saw cliques. I find members at CGs much different that at their rally. If it works for towable owners and FMCA members ~~ great. I prefer my 5th wheel and not planning on joining FMCA again. Remember, 13% voted, less than 10% for towables. Of those surely some know you will not be in their local even if you are in the national.

  4. John Clark

    I am one of the long time members that will not renew my membership. For some time now Fmca has lost its focus of including all motorhomes. If it would return to its roots many former members may have continued their membership.

  5. Jim Gochnauer

    Quote “Since the November vote, FMCA has approved more than 600 towable owners for membership.” My question is how many of these were FMCA members that downsized? Also, how many long time members have been lost? How many members are not renewing? Some of us long time FMCA members are taking a wait and see attitude to see if they will actually address the real reasons for such a membership drop – a lost focus. I paid multi-year. Are refunds available? Many of the 87 percent that did not vote likely missed seeing how to vote or figured it was a lost cause. Does the FMCA have a plan B if this backfires? I personally hope the FMCA can improve on it’s mission instead of watering itself down.

  6. Martin Nadelman

    This month’s Family Motor Coaching magazine had the President’s Message section all about how and why the change took place. It was great fiction, if you like that kind of reading. The one, most important reason for the change, was left out -MONEY. This change would never have been contemplated had membership not dropped drastically. So, not only will the newly named magazine share time and space with towables, but its size is about half of what it was a couple of years ago. Towable owners had Trailer Life, now the get half of FMCA’s publication. FMCA never truly represented motorhome owners’ interests, now our interests will be further diluted. Whn you cater to advertisers to get their business, you fail to protect the needs of your readers – and you lose them! Can’t wait to read how well RVs are being made and how great dealer service is!

    1. Popeye

      You have uncovered the real reasons for the changes to FMCA policies. It’s sad to see how FMCA has deteriorated. I, myself still see some value and will continue to pay the dues and look for value. At this point, they still have value based on the cost of membership versus the benefits available. Life goes on. Wishing everyone the best.

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