Keep your RV cool without running your A/C



By Bob Difley

Fulltimers are out in the weather 24/7 and at some (many) camping locations may often find a hot sun beating in the big expansive windows of their RVs. You may not want to close everything up and turn on the A/C when you could deflect the worst of the sun heating up your RV, as well as increase the efficiency of your A/C if you are running it, by using collapsible sunshades to block the sun from streaming in your big windows on the sides and in front of your dash.

They are just the right height so that they fit behind the track for the front wraparound curtain of your motorhome, allowing the curtains to be closed also for a double barrier. The sunshades are easy to use, fit wide and tall windows, and will also extend the life of your curtains and dash. Both spring shades fold up to 1/10th the original size and will fit into your mapbook pockets.

Sunshades interior
  • Features:
  • Blocks out the sun! 100″ side by side or width 86″ wide when standing 50″ tall!
  • Largest Collapsible Shade available – 50 in. X 42 in.
  • Blocks out peering eyes, hot sun, UV rays, acts as privacy screen.
  • Reflective – keeps the heat off the dash.
  • Keeps interior cooler, folds up easily to 1/10th its full size!

You can find the sunshades on Amazon, where they have 87% 4 and 5 star ratings.

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