Like politicians, fulltime RVers confronted with their dirty laundry


By Russ and Tiña De Maris


Dirty laundry is not something most RVers fret about. You throw it in a corner and do the laundry when you get home. But as fulltimers, it means a trip to a laundromat, which usually takes up a good portion of a day both driving to and from and in hanging out in the laundromat until the job is done. Therefore, most fulltimers put off doing laundry as long as possible. But this raises the dilemma –  in a tight space, where do you put the dirty laundry until wash day rolls around? Here’s a laundry list of possible solutions:

Put the laundry basket in the shower stall — take it out when it’s shower time. Great, unless the cat’s litter box already occupies the space.

As an alternative, hang the dirty laundry from either a retractable clothes line, or an additional shower curtain rod, hung in the shower stall. Keeps the cat happy.


Get a hanging laundry bag. We’ve seen a couple of different inspirations on this idea. One hangs on a closet rod like a coat hanger; the other hangs over the back of a door.

Motorhome or trailer owners with plenty of basement storage may find an idea here: Cut a trap door in the bottom of an existing cabinet, then place a laundry basket in the basement compartment immediately under the door. Pop open the door, drop dirty clothes in and forget about them until wash day.

One couple put a laundry bag in an under-counter cabinet, but found they were too lazy to pick up the bag to put the clothes in it. As a result, the clothes just wound up being piled on top of the bag — making a big hassle on laundry day. Solution? They put grommets on the rim of the laundry bag and hung them on cup hooks placed under the countertop, leaving the “front” of the bag gaping open, ready to accept dirty donations.

More inconvenient, but if there’s no other place: Put the laundry basket in your pickup canopy, or the trunk of your towed car.

Sources: provides both styles of these hampers. Here are links: In-closet hanging hamperOver the door hamper.