Do you really need a deep soaking bathtub?

By Andrew Robinson
RVs continue to grow larger and larger, adding “bells and whistles” and other frills to telmpt buyers. And many RV manufacturers are evolving from building RVs as vehicles to use for recreation into building them for homes-on-wheels, we have yet another entry into the RV designers’ game: “What cool option can we feature next that nobody really needs?”

We already have built-in washer-dryers, dishwashers, fireplaces, central vacuum systems, satellite dishes, heated floors and pull-out pet food bowls. There are five-slideout model RVs (can six be far behind?) and RVs with two bedrooms and two baths. We once could buy a motorhome with a built-in side balcony. Alas, it died in its infancy with Country Coach when it went belly up a few years back.

So what are we talking about here (as if you don’t already know from the picture!)? Drum roll . . . A deep soaking bathtub! If you don’t need it for bathing, use it to keep your minnows alive for fish bait.

We saw this RV, a 2017 Montana Fifth Wheel, model 3920FB, at a recent RV show near Seattle. It was discounted to $74,995.

It comes with just about every option for your family’s weekend camping trip —  1  1/2 baths (one with the shower and separate tub), washer-dryer, residential fridge, fireplace, Queen or King bed, three TVs (one outdoors to annoy your neighbors) and a whole lot more. It stretches an impressive 41 feet, four inches, and reaches toward the sky (and low overpasses) a whopping 13 feet, five inches. We’re sad to report that the RV’s fresh water storage tank is much too small to fill the tub: you’ll need to fill ‘er up at the RV resort.

Okay, maybe the tub will appeal to some RVers. We apologize for being so smug! To each their own, we say. Hey, if you and your special someone like a romantic bubble bath once in awhile, then this baby is a little bit of heaven come true!

Take a quick tour of the trailer. Just click the video and let this pretty lady lead you through.

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