Save on camping fees at Fish & Wildlife refuges


By Bob Difley

One of the advantages of a fulltime RV lifestyle is the ability to abruptly change how you practice that lifestyle. For instance, if you suddenly find yourself a bit short of funds (like during gift-giving seasons, or having to pay for a sudden medical problem) you can find a place to stay for a couple weeks or longer and save all that fuel that you would use if touring or driving cross-country. You could also look for alternate camping locations, rather than pricey RV resorts to hang out for awhile.

One such place to save gobs on campground fees is at Fish and Wildlife refuges, both national and state, for good boondocking and cheap camping opportunities. When there is no hunting season active, these refuges can be deserted. Though policies vary with each state, generally you can camp either free or very cheap.

Some refuges can be quite scenic, on ponds maintained for ducks for instance. Here’s a photo of the Finney-Ramer Unit of California’s Imperial Wildlife Area – looks good, huh? In some states (California is one example) you can camp free if you have a state fishing or hunting license. If not, you can still camp but will have to pay, usually a very reasonable fee.

Check online or at regional Fish & Game offices for policies and locations — but avoid hunting seasons.

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