A senior woman traveling solo full time is NOT a foolish fantasy


By Bob Difley

If you are a single woman among the older crowd, maybe retired, or widowed, and your kids have long ago moved out, grandkids scattered, and you’ve considered buying an RV and heading out into the horizon to try traveling – and actually living full time – in a recreation vehicle for a while, then quickly rejected the idea because you think you’re “too old” and it’s just a foolish fantasy, you might want to take a second look at the idea. 

The only “foolish fantasy” may be as seeing yourself as an old woman, the implication being that you are incapable of such a plan. Nonsense. There are plenty of unattached women (and men) of all ages roaming the country in RVs, so think of your plan as embarking on the next phase – and adventure – of your life, what could be a most enlightening and satisfying lifestyle for the years ahead.

And you don’t have to feel alone and vulnerable as a single RVer on the road. Here are a few popular singles groups that you might consider checking out as they supply not only companionship, but also help and assistance when needed, have rallies, campouts, and social get-togethers, and often form small travel groups to travel to specific locations.

SOLOS, The Escapees Singles Club’s purpose is to share information and camaraderie among Escapees who travel as singles. Memberships are $10 per year and include the newsletter and annual membership directory.

Loners on Wheels (LoW) states on their website, “We are Family! You are not alone anymore!” LoW has Chapters in most U.S. states who have monthly camp-outs or other activities.

Wandering Individuals Network (WIN) is the premiere RV club for singles. They are an active, adventurous club open to single campers and solo travelers of all ages with an average of 80 caravans, circuits, and gatherings each year, with activities like hiking, biking, sightseeing, kayaking, boat tours, museums, plays, factory tours, and more.

Traveling solo, or with a small group of friends, can be a wonderful – and safe – way to enjoy the RV Lifestyle. Try it. You can always go back to a more sedentary lifestyle (but I bet you won’t).