Tales from a solo woman RVer’s venture into fulltiming


My RV Life

by Debbie Ringo

I can’t say when the exact moment was, but the idea to travel full-time in an RV popped into my head and refused to leave.  I figured I needed to pay attention to it, do some research and either rule it in or out as a possibility. I kept this all to myself of course. I hadn’t even taken a solo road trip until six years ago, did I have any business entertaining the idea of such a life? But my desire to spend more time in beautiful places compelled me to really consider it and since none of us knows how long we have on this planet I wanted to pursue it soon.

When I left in July I headed to the Oregon coast for a month. I drove to Bandon, a picturesque town at the mouth of the Coquille River. I picked an RV park right in town and was able to walk to everything I needed. It was great to really get to know an area, the town is small and the shop owners are friendly. I even scored a gig sewing tote bags for the local bakery!

I recently went to Quartzsite, Arizona, to attend a rally with the RVing Women organization I joined last year. When I saw the notice for this event I knew it would be a great place to glean ideas on places to head in Arizona. The event was held about five miles out of town and another mile up a dirt road on BLM lands. Free dry camping with 70 women from the Arizona chapter and what a great group! Everyone was very welcoming, we had a meet-and-greet the first evening, a pot luck dinner on another, and each night we enjoyed a roaring campfire. As I’d hoped I did get some very good tips on Arizona State Parks and will be heading to Lost Dutchman later this month.

Seven months in and it’s going better than I could have imagined. I’m meeting new people, immersing myself in amazing natural beauty and along the way spending quality time with old friends and family members. Not to mention learning something new is hugely satisfying! Living in the moment has become the norm and now feels like the way we should all be living in order to be content.

I’m happy to report that I’ve just accepted a volunteer assignment at Mount Saint Helens National Volcanic Monument for the summer. When I took off my plan was to secure a position at a state or national park this summer and I’m delighted that it’s coming true! The more I learn about that area the more excited I become to be up there for an extended period of time. If you’d care to follow my travels and my time at Mt. Saint Helens I have a blog at www.havecatswilltravel.com, I’d love any feedback you’d care to offer!



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  1. Vanessa

    I’ll be heading out from Portland on my adventure next week. First stop is in Eastern Washington then to MT to visit my son & DIL and back to Portland to sell my house. What campground? When I head out again in August I might stop by.

  2. JimD

    Looking forward to your blog.

  3. Kate

    Great article, Debbie!

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